Evil Saiyan’s Truth

Evil Saiyan's Truth

Evil Saiyan’s Truth
Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Heroes have a new evil Saiyan villain, and I think I can reveal the true identity of this new, mysterious evil Saiyan from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie and the Dragon Ball Heroes anime. Who is the new evil Saiyan villain?

In this video, I look at the truth about the new evil Saiyan’s identity from the Dragon Ball Super 2018 movie and Dragon Ball Heroes, and talk about how they could both be the same character.

Who is the new evil Saiyan? Is the new Saiyan Yamoshi? Who is Yamoshi? How strong is the new Saiyan? How strong is Yamoshi? Who is the new Saiyan from Dragon Ball Heroes Prison Planet Arc? Who is the new Saiyan’s identity from the Dragon Ball Super 2018 Movie? Where did the new Saiyan come from? Is the new Saiyan from Universe 6? What is the new Saiyan’s name?

Music: Quavo ft. Lil Yatchy Type Beat 2018 (Bape Trap Flute Instrumental)

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