How To “Blow Up” On YouTube | Arab Andy Bomb Threat Controversy


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IRL Streamer Arab Andy was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison with a $20,000 fine after hoaxing a fake bomb threat in Seattle while streaming it on YouTube. As if YouTube didn’t have enough problems already. Let’s talk about the Arab Andy bomb threat controversy, whether or not he deserves his jail time & what we can learn from this. This is a good example of the Toxic behavior that IRL Streamers and IRL Streams are resorting to for quick internet fame. Ultimately while I DO think Arab Andy needs to be held accountable for his actions, I also think 10 years is a little too extreme. I also believe that HE CAN come back better. Not a fan of cringe fest content like his but that doesn’t mean he along with everyone else isn’t entitled to a chance and becoming better. YouTube also needs to get it’s shit together by not incentivizing shit content like this while the rest of us are suffering trying to get by. Regardless leave your thoughts about the Arab Andy bomb threat controversy in the comment section. This is How To Blow Up On YouTube. (Literally)

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