Dragon Ball Super Movie Release Date Confirmed! A Long Awaited Opponent?! Thoughts & Speculations


Dragon Ball Super Movie Release Date Confirmed! A Long Awaited Opponent?! Thoughts & Speculations

Check the following links in the description for source material regarding my thoughts & speculations on the new dragon ball super movie 2018. what will the dragon ball super movie be about? it mentions some “unexplored ideas between frieza and the saiyans” we also know the movie will depict the origin of the saiyans and goku’s strength which I’m assuming is referring to the power of the super saiyan god. we may see some backround on Yamoshi the legendary super saiyan god. with the dragon ball super movie release date confirmed who will this “long awaited formidable opponent” be? will we see another goku vs beerus rematch? what exactly is there to explain regarding the origin of the saiyans? will dragon ball super return after this movie is all said and done? this movie is said to take place after the current arc of dragon ball super which is the tournament of power climax.

so much going on and it is definitely a pleasure to share my thoughts and speculations on the new dragon ball super movie 2018 & whatever the new dbs movie 2018 may have to offer. the end of dragon ball super is also said to showcase something special. perhaps a teaser of the new dragon ball super movie? share your thoughts!

Official Website for New DBS Movie 2018

Beerus Says ” Ultra Instinct Goku might even be stronger than HE is. ” – Herms98 Twitter :

YonkouProductions Twitter

Article about the Universe Survival Arc / Tournament of Power :

Dragon Ball Official Site – The Artisans Who Made the Universe Survival Arc

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