Dragon Ball Super’s Movie 2018 Official Release Date and More

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Dragon Ball Super's Movie 2018 Official Release Date and More

Dragon Ball Super’s Movie 2018 Release Date and More. Dragon Ball Topics with TR4G1C bring us New Info on The Official Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Release Date! This Information is coming from the Official Dragon Ball Movie website and a special comment from founder and creator Akira Toriyama! Saiyan Movie 2018 Dragon Ball’s 20th Commemorative Event! Dragon Ball’s 20th Movie is finally hitting coming out in 2018….So what Does the 2018 Dragon Ball Movie take on? Saiyans!!!….Yes Finall The Lore of Saiyans…Origin of Saiyans…or maybe the Rise Of Saiyans…well that last one wa inspired by the planet of the Apes but you get the drift here will we see Old Planet Sadala or Universe 6 Planet Sadala…and what Is Vegeta The Prince of Saiyans has to say about all this!!! Hopefully that its over 9000’s Saiyans lmfao…lets talk about it! Lets dive into this one!

Official website: http://www.dbmovie-20th.com


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